FlowVox™ Operator Panel for Asterisk

FlowVox is a Java-based Asterisk Operator Panel (CTI) that provides users with an easy-to-use interface for managing phone calls via the Asterisk PBX systems. FlowVox allows users to make, receive, park, transfer, and conference calls with simple, smooth drag-and-drop or right-click mouse operations. FlowVox also includes a voice mail component that enables users to manage voice mails via the FlowVox user interface, and listen to voice mail messages using their existing PC speakers or traditional desk phone handset.

FlowVox enhances the call experience by providing a clean, sleek visual interface for streamlining and automating call management and call operations.

What's New in FlowVox 1.1?

Lots! We're extremely excited to announce the availability of FlowVox 1.1. Here are a few new features and enhancements available with 1.0.2.

FreePBX Administration Snap-in

Creatge/manage FlowVox Users, assign extensions, view/configure server logs, and manage licenses all from within the FreePBX administration web portal.

CRM Integration

Build and configure custom URL strings within FlowVox to automatically call CRM records based on inbound CallerID and other variables.

Improved ACD Queues

Improvements to ACD Queues include agent login/logout and pausing for each permitted agent.

Contact View Filter

Quickly locate FlowVox Users via the filter function located on the Contacts panel.

Feature Codes

FlowVox 1.1 adds support for custom Features Codes, including Day/Night mode toggle.

Improved Administration Functions

FlowVox Server logs and license management can now be configured and performed via the FlowVox Client (requires admin privilages).

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Drag and Drop Calling

Control calls and call operations with one fluid motion. Initiate, transfer, and park calls, start audio conferences, send to voice mail, and more with one flick of the mouse.

Instant Message (IM) Chat

FlowVox unifies communication by tying together voice calling and call management with instant messaging. Any user with a FlowVox Client can IM chat with all other FlowVox users.

Single-Click Call and Chat

FlowVox offers a sleek user interface featuring single-click calling and instant message chat. Other operator panel solutions are convoluted and cumbersome, but FlowVox is designed for ease of use and efficiency.

Unlimited ACD Queues

FlowVox provides unlimited visual ACD queue monitoring for FREE. Queue login, logout, and pause functions are supported.

Contacts Grouping

Organize and arrange your FlowVox Contacts into expandable/collapsible groups for ease of use. Quickly locate contacts using the Contacts filter field.

Presence Status

Color-coded presence status lets other FlowVox users know your availability. Choose from pre-defined status messages or create your own custom status message.

Call Parking

Park a call simply by dragging it to an open park slot or single-click Park button. Pick-up a parked call by dragging it to your extension or phone.

Asterisk Distro Support

FlowVox is compatible with Asterisk 1.8 or newer and supports many different Asterisk Distros - FreePBX, Elastix, Switchvox, AsieriskNOW, Trixbox, Azkozia, and more.

Supports Multiple Platforms

FlowVox is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and 8, Mac OSX, and Linux operating systems.

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FlowVox is licensed by number of workstations/end points running FlowVox Client software.

To calculate your price, multiply the number of clients by the unit price using the table below.
Example: 5 Clients x $39.50ea. = $197.50.

All prices include FlowVox Server and Client software, and support for unlimited Asterisk Queues.

Number of Clients Unit Price Special Price *
1 $99.00 $49.50
2-4 $89.00 $44.50
5-9 $79.00 $39.50
10-14 $62.00 $31.00
15-19 $49.00 $24.50
20-29 $39.00 $19.50
30-39 $35.00 $17.00
40-49 $32.00 $16.00
50-69 $29.00 $14.50
70-99 $25.00 $12.50
100-199 $20.00 $10.00
200+ $17.00 $8.50

* Special reduced pricing is being offered for a limited time only.

If you need assistance determining the correct number of CALs, please contact us for assistance..

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