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Known Issues

GA Release 1.1

  • The FreePBX Admin Module is NOT compatible with Elastix. Please do not use it in mixed environments, e.g. Elastix + FreePBX.
  • Prior to upgrading the FlowVox Client application, please remove the application short cut from the Windows OS Desktop. The old shortcut causes a conflict after an upgrade causing an Unknown Publisher warning when launching the FlowVox Client application.
  • At times the chat feature can produce a UI rendering issue. This problem is under investigation and if experienced, please send an email to about occurrence and system setup.
  • On Windows based systems, the FlowVox Server shortcut might not work. It is recommended to install and start the FV Server as a Service. If it is not installed as a service and running, the FV Server can be started via the FlowVox Server application icon in the installation directory. Workaround: Install and Run as service or start manually from the installation directory.
  • Always on top option for FlowVox Client interface might not work on platforms with OSX 10.6, Java 1.6. environments.
  • Due to certain files being stored and modified in the FlowVox installation directory a UAC prompt might pop up based on system security settings. As long as the UAC prompt shows Imecom Group, Inc. as a verified publisher of the software trying to run, it is fine to proceed with the operation.
  • The default FlowVox Operator Panel location aligns to the top left of the screen. This position hides the dialer pad if opened. Workaround: Move the FlowVox Operator Panel away from the left edge of the screen to get the dialer pad into the visible screen area.
  • Client login tab action moves between username and password fields only. To access the server IP address field use mouse action click to open server configuration dialog.
  • DTMF not being passed to active call.
  • Conference room status only shows internal connections.
  • Screen switches to line view when removing an extension.